Fitness & Nutrition

We can pump you up. We have years of experience perfecting the process of our health and wellness videos. Whether it’s a five camera workout with jibs and sliders and the New York skyline in the backdrop, or a cozy multi-cam cooking show with a nice view of the countryside, your clients won’t be able to resist hitting play over and over.

Runner’s World Yoga

We’re feeling pretty Zen. Tune in to see how the use of varying camera angles and an inviting staged set brings a sense of tranquility to Runner’s World’s yoga video spot.

Runner’s World Iron Strength

Watch how the use of varying camera angles, energetic music, and clear instruction delivers a powerful workout for Runner’s World’s Iron Strength video.

Men’s Health Meta Shred

Pump up your audience with a multiple-camera spread, easy-to-follow instruction, and a focused set. See how we captured Men’s Health’s high energy in its Meta Shred video spot.

Health eCooking

Food is the camera’s biggest star. Tune in to see how we captured this appetizing Mexican recipe step-by-step in a video spot for Health eCooking.

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