Marshall V-LCD71MD Monitor

Sharp Sharp Sharp is how I would like to describe this 7 inch true 1080p panel monitor. Yes it is a little pricey but totally worth it. Because we shoot almost everything in 4K, only to finish in 1080p, it is important to make sure everything is tack sharp. Especially if we plan to crop or pan on the image. This monitor is similar in features and look with Marshall’s line of monitors. I am a huge fan of the false coloring (or Predator Mode as we call it) on these monitors. It’s great to double check my exposure at anytime. I take it everywhere as it’s my go to monitor on any shoot. The sdi/hdmi loop thru does come in handy sometimes when I’m shooting with a cam with only one output.

We own two of the 71MDs, two of the 56MDs and one 90MD, all with SDI and HDMI. The 5.6” Marshalls don’t get used as much any more since we got rid of our DSLRs but the 9” we use as a client monitor or for jib work. It’s great to have all the same brand monitors as they have the same features so we know where things are when we are on a shoot.

The things I’m not a huge fan of are the 4 mounting points on the monitor as they are known to break (At least for us). We have had them repaired on other series monitors and have some broken on our current monitors. Also I wouldn’t call this an issue but if we plug in our p-tap cable into the camera battery first then the locking power cable, the monitor power port will smoke. We just have to remember ourselves and tell our rental customers to plug the cable into the monitor first then into the camera.

All in all we are a Marshall Monitor company and whenever I’m DPing or ACing I will be bringing this monitor with me.

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