Shufflebox Productions gets Licensed for Drone Work

July 26, 2017

Our video team at Shufflebox Productions prides themselves on staying ahead of the curve, in front of the trends, and ready to tackle any new challenge. Sometimes this comes in the form of changing rules that can potentially limit our ability. Our owner, John Guarino, recently passed his Part 107 exam, granting him licensing to fly any of our drones in inventory for commercial use.

John has been flying drones since the technology first became available. He continues to practice and hone his skills on a weekly basis, and keep up with the latest news and research so that Shufflebox can always be on the forefront of the doing things the best, latest, and safest ways.
In August of 2016, the FAA began testing drone operators on their flight knowledge. Part 107 allows licensed and certified operators to fly their crafts in more areas, with less restrictions, further expanding the ability of Shufflebox’s services. Without a Part 107 certification, flying in certain restricted areas can be illegal and the pilot can incur fines. The new certification allows Shufflebox Productions to fly their 4K drones in more places including fields, corporate buildings, campuses, facilities, and more.

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We’re extremely proud of John and his accomplishment. Congratulations John!

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