Meet the Crew

John Guarino
Owner // Ghostbuster // Gear guru

John wanted to become a veterinarian. It was a teacher that steered him to a life in video when he noticed that he had a good eye for editing.

As owner of Shufflebox, John keeps the business end of things moving, while still making time to get hands-on and stay involved. His true love is being on set behind a camera when the lighting is just perfect.

John loves to talk tech. He’s a gear guy that is always actively looking for the next big thing to push his video projects to the next level. Whether he’s talking gear or focused on shooting great footage, John is personally involved to make sure every production remains completely unique, original, and outside the box.
Matthew Liotti

Born in Gotham City and raised by his family butler Alfred, Matt Liotti takes on the role of Producer at Shufflebox Productions. An award-winning producer, Matt brings with him a wide range of skill and experience in corporate and commercial video. He works closely with our staff on every aspect of production, helping to ensure the best possible product. He makes sure every client comes in with expectations, and then sets the bar as high as possible. Matt gets to know our clients, and stays with them as their contact from pre-production, all the way through post-production and beyond. However, Matt’s most popular role is that of pancake chef on Flapjack Friday.
James McCullian

Known as Jimi414 on Instagram, James “Jimi” McCullian is Shufflebox’s own in-house rock star. Facilitating the post-production of some of our large scale workouts and education projects, Jimi always packs an efficient, yet punk-rock infused punch into all the work he does. While touring the country in different rock bands, he found a passion in script composition and editing video. Since discovering this newfound love, he has created multiple mini-documentaries, web series, and shorts such as "Empty Cups" and "Alone."
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